As a business owner, it is important to know that consumers with visual impairments will eventually use your products. That is why it is crucial for companies with products in development to consult with someone with diminished eyesight to ensure those products are viable to consumers who are blind or visually impaired.

The same concept applies to retail spaces, universities, public-service sites, and more. People with visual impairments must be able to navigate your premises with as few challenges as possible and without assistance. As a young person with almost no vision, I am aware when companies, retailers and service providers have taken those like me into consideration during the product-development process.

I therefore offer European companies testing services and consultation on how their products could be better designed for those with little or no vision. My services include a comprehensive report on how your product could be better designed and more accessible to the visually impaired. In addition, I will provide follow-up sessions to monitor progress. Once the product has been released, I will provide a written testimonial to the viability of your product for the visually impaired.

I also offer physical-space accessibility consultation for companies in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Estonia. As part of my services, I will come to your location and assess improvements and/or changes and provide a written report of my findings. Prices and rates are dependent upon company size and travel expenses. Want to know more? Message me and let’s talk.